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Android – A beginners guide – CodeProject. Advertisements

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If you had a superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

If I had superpowers? First let’s define what exactly a “superpower” is. According to Wikipedia, a superpower is “a popular culture term for a fictional superhuman ability. When a character possesses multiple such abilities, the terms superpowers or simply powers are

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Ten Rules for Good E-mail Etiquette

The following are my ten rules for good E-mail etiquette Be concise and to the point Use appropriate language for intended audience Use correct spelling at all times Think carefully before any E-mail is sent, as it can be sent on

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Raspberry Pi

Okay guys and gals, I know it’s been a while since i last put something up her, but here goes… I was given permission from my girlfriend to buy a Raspberry Pi development board. Basically it’s a credit card sized

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Project Retro – The Beginning

Ok Guys and Gals, I managed to find an old radio in one of my local second hand shops. This radio was originally made in the 1940’s, with the vacuum tubes and all the other 40’s era technology. I plan

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First Actual Post

OK Guys, Gals and the rest of you, this is my first actual post here. I’ve been sitting here at my computer all weekend waiting for my course results, and guess what…. I passed, which means i can now go on to

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Hello world!

Hello World! I am Steve, The Steve. I am a student at Otago Polytechnic studying IT. I have a love for computing, art and cooking. Not to mention my awesome girlfriend and her son. We have so many crazy fun

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